All Access Program

The YMCA Opportunity Fund – financial assistance for YMCA programs.

The Y is for everyone.  For families or individuals facing financial challenges, the YMCA Opportunity Fund can help offset the full cost of YMCA programs by using donated funds for assistance.  Each year the YMCA reserves the previous year’s fundraising contributions and provides financial help to those need support for YMCA fitness memberships and programs, childcare and day camp.  The Opportunity Fund can help those who are willing, yet unable to pay the full program cost. 

To get started, click here for a YMCA Opportunity Fund application form.  PDF version.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the YMCA determine how much I pay?

We evaluate each request for support based on an individual or family's financial circumstances.  All information provided is kept confidential. The Opportunity Fund uses funds raised from the previous year's fundraising activities to help offset the full cost of YMCA programs.  After a review of your application, a YMCA Manager will contact you to discuss an amount that is affordable for you. 

How long can I receive financial support?

Financial assistance will be review every six months.  At that time, you will be required to re-submit proof of your household income and expenses. 

How can I pay for my assisted membership?

The YMCA of Cape Breton offers a variety of payment plans using cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard or automatic withdrawal from your bank account. 

If I receive financial assistance, what is expected of me?

We request that you keep all the information and assisted fees we discuss in your interview confidential.  The amount of financial support is unique to you and your family.  When you receive an assisted membership, you are expected to make your payments on time, keep your account in good standing and use your membership regularly.

Will anyone know that I have received assistance?

We treat all financial assistance information as confidential. Your membership status will not be shared with others. 

Can the YMCA deny my application for assistance?

Your request for subsidy could be denied if your financial information does not identify an inability to pay the fees.